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If you've ever witnessed our dramatic recreation of D-Day, 1944, you know first-hand that this is no small task. This year long effort takes a lot of time, dedication, and of course funding to organize, promote and recreate the elements of a Normandy style invasion. D-Day Conneaut needs you! Help us honor our vets and bringing back to life this historic day. There are numerous ways to help without donning a uniform.


Nothing stronger than the heart of a Volunteer!

Consider volunteering for our event staff and help us on the day(s) of the event. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. Event coordinators can always use assistance in setting up special seating areas, site preparation, public parking assistance, display preparation, crowd direction/control, and maintaining the grounds. Help us preserve our history. There's never a shortage of things to do and any/all help is greatly appreciated.

The website to register your group is  http://Ddayvolunteers.com. It has a ton of information on the site, forms, schedules, etc. We need each GROUP LEADER to register their group, and then have each individual from the group go online and register as well (this is for individual waivers). Having the group leader register their unit will help us be able to keep track of units better than each individual typing in their group name.

If you are local or planning on attending the event and would be interested in volunteering, please contact Lori McLaughlin for more information. D-Day Conneaut needs you!


If available time is limited but you still wish to help, monetary contributions are always welcome. Donations of all sizes are appreciated and are used to further enhance the educational experience of D-Day Conneaut.  All donations are tax deductible. Upon request, we'll even provide a formal letter indicating the amount of your contribution. Online donations can also be sent securely via Paypal. (click here)

Donations can also be mailed in. Please make your check payable to D-Day Ohio, Inc. and mail them to:  D-Day Ohio, Inc. 283 Buffalo St., Conneaut  Ohio  44030.

If you're interested in making a sizable donation, please contact our CEO or visit our donations page and use the custom amount option.

Event Sponsorship Program

Consider becoming an event sponsor and be acknowledged on our website and in our event program. Visit our sponsorship page for a listing of this years sponsors or more information about how you, your company, your organization or group can become a sponsor.

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Honor Roll Sponsorship Program

Have a group, a club, team or family? Become an D-Day Conneaut Honor Roll Sponsor and leave your mark on history. A minimum of a $1,000 tax deductible donation by you, your family, business, scout troop or any group, permanently places your name in history on our D-Day Honor Roll and helps keep the legacy of the “Greatest Generation” alive. Besides helping to fund the annual living history reenactment, contributions help support our WWII focused museum in Conneaut, Ohio which is dedicated to preserving and sharing the personal experiences of WWII veterans for generations to come.

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Assembly Projects


Decorating the Beach

Be a part of the invasion without getting your feet wet. Build a hedgehog beach obstacle. The cost of building materials is tax deductible. Your donation will be stored for use year after year. Click here to view easy-to-follow plans for these iconic obstacles which look like the children's toy "jack". Turn that extra lumber lying around into something special for the event that honors the turning point of the 20th century, D-Day! If power tools aren't for you, consider helping us place all these obstacles on the beach! The allied troops will certainly appreciate the cover...

Build a Rupert Paratrooper Dummy

Rupert Paradummy During the night/early hours of June 6, 1944, Allied aircraft dropped 500 of these paradummies over 4 different locations to simulate paratroopers landing in areas away from where the actual troops were to land. Some of the dummies were equipped with recordings of battle noises, while others simulated rifle fire. The dummies were called "Ruperts" and were made of cut burlap and filled with straw or sand to form the shape of a person. Each Rupert was equipped with a small explosive charge designed to burn up the burlap after landing to make it harder for the Germans to figure out what was going on. Now you can contribute to the deception and build your own Rupert. Click the following links to view and download a set of patterns to make your own Rupert. Donated Ruperts will be used/displayed during the event. Pattern 1    Pattern 2  (Note: 1 square = 1 Inch) For more information on the use of paradummies visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradummy