Veterans! D-Day Conneaut Welcomes You!

For all veterans and their families this free event honors not just those who fought in Normandy but all veterans who served their country with pride and courage. From tactical recreations to military encampments, from living history displays to a full big-band "USO-style" dance, D-Day Conneaut has something for the young and the young at heart. The events within D-Day Conneaut enables our younger generation the chance to learn about D-Day and provides our honored Veterans the opportunity to relive their youth and return to a moment in time so pivotal in world history.

Veteran Registration

If you are visiting this site for the first time or for those who just need a refresher on veteran registration, please review the steps below. By following this registration process, you will help us in providing you the best possible experience at D-Day Conneaut!

If you have never been to the event before and you are interested in attending please print the appropriate registration card (US and/or Canadian) and mail or email it into Eric with your information no later than August 1st 2019. If you have just found out about the event and you missed the mailing deadline date, no worries, just bring the registration form along with you and we will do our best to make your day memorable!

1. Invitation

Invitation - In mid-May, an "Invitation Letter" is sent out by mail to all known WWII and Korean Era veterans which previously attended a D-Day Conneaut event. Recipients of that letter or "first timers" via our web site here presently are requested to accept that invitation by contacting our Veteran Liaison Eric Montgomery. Click the button below to view and/or print the invitiation letter.

Click for Invitation Letter

2. Registration Card

World War Two or Korean Era veterans wanting to register to attend the event are asked to complete a "registration card" and return it to Eric for entry into our secure database. Those that have submitted their information in the past need not to complete this form again unless they would like to update their information such as mailing address or commendation additions. If you are a veteran from a country not listed, please contact Eric directly. Click below to view and print the appropriate veteran registration card.

Click for U.S. Veteran Registration Card Click for Canadian Veteran Registration Card

3. Confirmation

In late July, the "Scheduling Letter" will be sent by U.S. mail to those who have registered via the methods outlined in the "Invitation Letter". The Scheduling Letter provides last minute changes to the Veteran Schedule and other important information specific to the Veteran Program.

Click for Scheduling Letter


4. Late Arrivals or "I just became aware of the event. What do I do?"

If you just found out about the event for the first time and you are a WWII or Korean Era Veteran, you can still register by completing and mailing the registration card up until two weeks before the event. If you miss this deadline, you are still more than welcome to attend, just bring the registration form with you so we can add your name, address and service information to our database for following years. Pre-printed registration forms will be available to complete on site if you don't have a printer. If there is availability remaining for the Friday Luncheon, WWII or Korean Era Veterans who arrive on the day of the luncheon will be issued a ticket on a first come first served basis if available.

5. Additional Information

We urge you to review the event FAQ briefing paper below (Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQ contains helpful information to help plan your visit to D-Day! Eric Montgomery, the Veteran Liaison can be reached by email at and is more than happy to assist you for things that fall outside of this FAQ or are not discussed in either the Invitation or Scheduling Letter above.

Click for Program Frequently Asked Questions

Day of the Event - Arrival

For your convenience, please use our exclusive "Veterans Parking" area where a shuttle will bring you and your family straight to the event site at Gate D. If the veteran or family member is in a wheel chair or requires mobility assistance, please bring this person directly to Gate D, then proceed to the Veterans Parking area. (Click for Event Site Map)

A golf cart driven by one of our friendly drivers will then bring you the rest of the way to Veterans Hospitality Tent and the Veterans Registration Area. All WWII and Korean Era Veterans will receive a special gift bag prepared by our staff. Veterans who served from Vietnam to present day will be given a theater ribbon in recognition of their service compliments of the Conneaut American Legion.

Click the button below for the Veterans Parking Map. This map shows where to park and helpful hints on how to get there.

Click for Veterans parking Map

Are you a Veteran Planning on attending Alone?

We will help you! If you are a Veteran attending alone and need help, we are here for you! To arraign assistance prior to the event, please contact Eric Montgomery.

Seating and Accessibility

Our Veteran Hospitality Tent provides a shaded area where the Veteran Recollection Program, Veteran Registration, and the staging point for inter-park veteran transportation services. The Conneaut American Legion Post #151, the New Leaf Church and the The Rock Church of Conneaut sponsoring our Hospitality Tent. (See our veteran area map).

Battle Viewing

Transportation to the secured Veteran Seating areas originate at the Hospitality Tent and departs 30 minutes ahead of each main battle scenario. There is limited seating at all the battle areas and we will accommodate older veterans first. During the beach battles; the Tank Battle on Friday and the Amphibious Landing on Saturday, WWII and Korean Era Veteran seating on the overlooking bluff is very limited.

Tickets for registered veterans will be distributed at Veteran Registration when you arrive. We ask that veterans limit escorts to 1 in this area in addition to themselves. If the veteran's spouse is also in attendance that they too require assistance, a second caregiver will be permitted if space is available. After the ticketed veterans and their escorts are seated, any unused tickets will be distributed to families as space permits. In an overfilled condition, we ask veterans who are not mobility impaired to consider giving priority seating to those veterans who may have limited mobility.

The viewing area for the beach area is conveniently located at the top of the bluff overlooking the entire battle area. The bluff plateau above the beach awards viewers a clear view of the Axis positions, the battlefield, the shore line and sea-borne approach of the landing craft. For your convenience, bleachers and chairs are provided in this area. It is important to ask questions upon arrival at veteran registration as attendance of "first time" WWII and Korean era veterans is unpredictable and numbers of those in attendance can swell.

Veteran Outreach

Each year we strive to enable as many WWII and Korean Era Veterans to D-Day Conneaut as possible. Over 165 confirmed WWII veterans attended the event in 2018 complimented by an additional 90 plus veterans of the Korean Era. With that, D-Day Conneaut has become the largest gathering of WWII veterans in the United States if not the world. As individual military units close their national reunions, we hope that those still able to travel will choose to make D-Day Conneaut their reunion central. In 2016, we were proud to host the 65th and 71st Infantry Divisions who choose D-Day Conneaut as part of their annual reunion activities. We welcome you as an individual or a group!

Do you know a veteran who would like to attend?

Click the button below to download information about our event and our veterans program.

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