Answer the Call!

To our volunteer, reenactor, and visitor communities and City of Conneaut residents:
The D-Day Ohio Board of Directors has met and, after extensive review and consideration of current social distancing expectations, maximum gathering limitations and quarantine requirements, coupled with the concern for everyone’s health and safety, we have determined that we will not be holding D-Day Conneaut 2020 in the same format as we have in prior years. We will be unable to hold our large event at Conneaut Township Park on August 21-22.

Instead, D-Day Ohio will be presenting a series of smaller events and activities that continue our educational mission, adhere to the ever changing social distancing and group size thresholds, and are respectful of the community of Conneaut (our host community) and travel quarantine expectations. While we realize that the event is still a few months away, we feel it is highly probable that many of our usual supporters would be unable to attend without potentially endangering themselves, other participants and spectators, our honored veterans, and the Conneaut community.
Travel restrictions and quarantine requirements also present significant challenges. Last, all museums and outdoor attractions drawing large crowds remain closed in Ohio and the opening date has not been discussed by State of Ohio officials.

Though saddened that we may not be able to bring you the landings, recreated battles, boats, tanks and planes…. that same scale and panorama of WWII history as we have brought you in the past… this year we are excited about the opportunity to offer focused, living history and educationally oriented programs at locations throughout Conneaut and broadcast these online for those who can’t join us in person, including our Veteran attendees. Our Board and living history leaders are working through our plans for 2020 and will have additional details to share over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned and hang in there with us as we recalibrate to accommodate the current circumstances.

Please also follow us on social media or through our email newsletter (sign up on our website!) for information on our commemorative items that celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII and our schedule of upcoming activities.

Sincerely, Betsy Bashore, CEO