D-Day Ohio Membership

Dear friends and associates of D-Day Ohio,

On behalf of the entire organizing committee, we would like to thank you for renewing your membership to D-Day Ohio Incorporated.

A modest $10 commitment and some of your free time is all we ask.

As a member of D-Day Ohio Incorporated, your membership rewards you the following responsibilities and privileges:

* - To participate in the annually election of the board of directors as outlined in the organizationís By-Laws.

* - To participate in the annual budget review and to propose and vote upon further expenditures beyond those of the event essentials.

* - To actively participate in development committees and to recommend action by the Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation.

* - To propose and present items and ideas brought to the agenda by the membership as new business.

* - To allow you to take part in the various local and organizational meetings held in preparation for D-Day Conneaut as outlined within the By-Laws.

Click the Enlistment button below to pay your
$10 renewal fee via paypal today.

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