D-Day Conneaut Reenactor Registration

All Reenactors; military and civilian, must register!

Registration is required for all reenactors. You may arrive as early as Tuesday afternoon the week of the event. If you arrive before formal check-in is open, please stop at your respective army or area headquarters for direction to your camp site. When you arrive on site, you must check in to be directed to your camp site. If you set up in an area that was not designated for you, you will be required to move your tent! Walk on reenactors are not permitted. You must be registered to attend the event as a reenactor. (This applies to military and civilian, male and female reenactors.)

1. Please Review Authenticity, Safty, and Reeanctor Appearance Guidelines and Regulations

Authenticity Regulations Safty RegulationsAppearance Guidelines

2. Register

  • Reenactors who register AND CHECK IN the prior year receive an invitation to register in early Spring.
  • If you do not CHECK IN upon arrival, you will not receive an invitation to the next year’s event in the first cycle of emails.
  • If you have neglected to CHECK IN, have not attended for several years or are new to reenacting, email: registration@ddayohio.us.
  • In most cases, a confirmation from your unit commander will be needed if you are not among the list of prior checked-in participants from the last few years.
Reenactor Registration

Address for ATF Paperwork

Conneaut Township Park
480 Lake Road
Conneaut OH 44030
Ashtabula County

Arrival and Chick-In: WeD-Friday 9AM - 8PM

Check-in will be available Wednesday through Friday from 9AM to 8PM at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (across from the park). To speed your check in, please bring your "registration confirmation" either in paper form or on your phone.

Saturday Moring is your last chance to check in!

Saturday moring is your last chance to check in. Registration will be open from 8AM to 10AM. No late arrivals are permitted unless you have made prior arrangements with D-Day Ohio. Please email regestration@ddayohio.us to make special arrangements.

Save a Tree: Print schedule, regulations, & maps at home

Help us reduce our impact on the park. We have a limited number of site, safety and appearance guidelines available at the event. Please print out your maps and guidelines and bring them with you. These are available electronically and the information is contained in the early August email to reenactors.


If you are planning on attending the event and would be interested in volunteering, there are lots of opportunities for those in and out of uniform. Please visit https://ddayvolunteers.com/ for more information. D-Day Conneaut needs you! Volunteer check in is requested upon your arrival at the park and is located right next to Reenactor check-in at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Food and Amenities

Allied and German field kitchens serve breakfast and lunch each day of the event.

Breakfast is also available for purchase from selected venders in the Allied Camp and at the Snack Bar on the Beach each day.

Saturday Evening USo Style Dance

Join us Saturday evening for our the culmination of D-Day Conneat at our USO style dance and show, featuring a live "Big-Band" orchestra. Enterence is free to all reenactors in uniform.

Additional Notes

*This is a Township Park so Drinking Water is On-Site.
*The Snack Bar has Typical Tourist Area Boardwalk Food, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Perch and Burgers.
*Other Food Vendors will be On-Site Friday and Saturday
*Some Restaurants are Within Walking Distance to the Park.
*There is an Outdoor Shower on the Boardwalk Leading to the Beach. Swim attire required.