D-Day Ohio Membership

Dear friends and associates of D-Day Ohio,

On behalf of the entire organizing committee, we would like to thank you for your participation and/or interest in D-Day Conneaut.

The organizing committee would like to extend a welcome to all those interested in becoming a dues paying member of D-Day Ohio Incorporated. 

In 2010, D-Day Conneaut for the first time was supported by an organized citizen committee from Conneaut. The local committee of volunteers raised much needed funding, solicited donations of food and materials, and provided honest to goodness down home support.

Reenactor and public attendance continues to grow.  Additions to the program as well as consistent leadership, presentation, authenticity and diversity have made this possible. What once was just the amphibious landing now encompasses the entire D-Day experience.  Citizens and reenactors alike are traveling from all over the United States and Canada to honor and remember that Day of Days.  It has been truly remarkable!

Help D-Day evolve and becoming the best of the best and provide most realistic experience for participant and public alike by becoming a member. 

D-Day Conneaut needs your ideas, your know-how and when the time comes, your muscle to assemble it all together for two glorious days in Conneaut.  The time is now to get involved with this outstanding educational WWII event.  A modest $10 commitment and some of your free time is all we ask.

As a member of D-Day Ohio Incorporated, your membership rewards you the following responsibilities and privileges:

* - To participate in the annually election of the board of directors as outlined in the organizationís By-Laws.

* - To participate in the annual budget review and to propose and vote upon further expenditures beyond those of the event essentials.

* - To actively participate in development committees and to recommend action by the Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation.

* - To propose and present items and ideas brought to the agenda by the membership as new business.

* - To allow you to take part in the various local and organizational meetings held in preparation for D-Day Conneaut as outlined within the By-Laws.

We at D-Day Conneaut hope that you take advantage of this unique opportunity.  Great strides in perpetuating this remarkable event have occurred and with your help we can make it even better.  Help us in honoring the living legacy of our veterans by becoming a member of D-Day Ohio.


Your membership dues of $10 can now be paid securely via paypal!
  Please kindly complete the Membership Application and mail it to the address shown on the app. 

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