Toy Soldier
Purveyors of a variety of WW2 related merchandise, for collectors, reenactors, history enthusiasts and educators.  We search all year for items of historic interest, so stop by our space, you never can tell what you'll find!  Our usual inventory includes:

Uniform items - field equipment - surplus - original and reproduction military and homefront items
Wartime coins and currency - trench art - wartime souvenirs - unique period items
Fountain pens and ink - toys and toy helmets - cold drinks

SHOE SHINE SERVICE!  Come get your service shoes polished while you relax with an old LIFE magazine and enjoy a cold bottle of soda... or drop them off for pickup next morning.  Black, brown, or neutral.  Civilian shoes also welcome!

Contact info away from D-Day: - uniforms, equipment, militaria - coins/currency, pens/ink, souvenirs, homefront, shoe shines